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Latest Works

Hi! My name is Jordi and I’ve been coding since I was twelve, but I’ve been paid for it for just 4 years :)

I’m in love with creativity, also with web and game development, where I’ve found the perfect media to express myself and explore new forms of communication. I try to keep myself in constant evolution, learning about the infinite and constantly changing world of design and programming. Since 2008, I worked on several companies and as a freelance too. I learnt many things working solo, but many more from the teamwork.

Nowadays my biggest project is Deconstructeam, an independent game development studio I’m moving forward with the help of 4 great colleagues. We mainly work on browser based HTML5 projects, but we are open to any game dev technologies.

I hope you like my job and like me for working on any of your projects!

Thank you.